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Vista Eye Care Affiliations and website + video links
At Vista Eye Centre we perform comprehensive eye exams and treat a full range of eye conditions including cataracts, retinal conditions (macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, vein occlusions), flashes & floaters, glaucoma & narrow angles, eyelid conditions and uveitis.

For links to other helpful websites and videos, please see below.


University of Toronto, Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences (DOVS):

Canadian Ophthalmological Society:

Birdshot Uveitis Society of North America:

American Academy of Ophthalmology:

Canadian Uveitis Society:

American Uveitis Society:

Birdshot Uveitis Society:

IOIS International Ocular Inflammation Society:

Canadian Retina Society:

Coronavirus Guide for Eye Patients:

Comprehensive Eye Exam
How to instill eye drops

What is a cataract?

Cataract surgery

Intraocular lens (IOL)

Posterior capsule opacification

Macular degeneration

Dry macular degeneration

Wet macular degeneration

How to use an Amsler grid for monitoring macular degeneration

Dry eyes

Floaters & Flashes

Management of styes


What is glaucoma?

Open angle glaucoma

Closed or narrow angle glaucoma

Are there activities that make glaucoma worse?

Laser peripheral iridotomy

Diabetic eye disease (diabetic retinopathy)

Nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy

Macular edema

Proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Laser for macular edema

Laser for proliferative diabetic retinopathy